ETL Legacy


Dr. Masoud Moazami, ETL Teacher, through his bold vision, mission, determination, hard work, sacrifices, etc. developed Effective Teaching and Learning Institute (ETL) which challenged the existing system of delivery of care, billing, etc. and provided an alternative.

ETL achievements and legacies are measured by:

  1. Choosing to live our lives in such a way that many people find the best in themselves by knowing us.
  2. Therapeutic changes we bring about oneself/others.
  3. Assisting self/others to strive toward quality of life.
  4. Leaving behind the world better than what we were born into.

Our Mission


Welcome to Effective Teaching and Learning Institute

We are in the business of bringing out the best in self and others...

The mission of ETL School of Thought is defined as having the conviction/burning desire to fulfill one's/others' vision.

  1. Have the courage and the wisdom to have and/or become a part of therapeutic mission.
  2. Sometimes all it takes is one visionary to inspire many missionaries.
  3. If visionaries are compared to the architects who draw up the blue prints, then the missionaries can be compared to the contractors who take action to make a vision become reality.

No one, regardless of race, culture, nationality, gender, religion, ability, etc., is given the option to be born. As a result:

  1. Every birth is a gift that needs to be appreciated/celebrated.
  2. Everyone has a right to be here.
  3. Everyone's life matters.
  4. Everyone deserves therapeutic opportunity to become all they can be.

There is always a purpose to everyone's life, which needs to be identified and pursued. Every human being has an inherent value that cannot be measured by what a person can or cannot do. As a result, no one deserves to be dehumanized, treated as less than human, or thought of as a nobody.

Due to many factors, human beings are not born equal. As a result, everyone should be provided equal rights in order to provide a level playing field to strive toward quality of life.

To maximize the possibility of success in relation to therapeutic behavior, we need to use the ETL Formula for Involvement, providing:

  1. Therapeutic Opportunity
  2. Therapeutic Assistance/Support
  3. Therapeutic Incentive
  4. Therapeutic Reward
  5. Therapeutic Checks/Balances
  6. Therapeutic Safety Net

Our Philosophy