Training courses

We provides training courses for caregivers to help them apply therapeutic and effective teaching and learning to their lives and to those they care for.

Hands On Services

We work directly with individuals facing challenges and with their  “support team” of family members, caregivers, etc. to strive toward quality of life.

ETL Life Educator Certification

We certify our ETTI Life Educators to go out into the community and deliver services based on the unique and specific needs of individuals and families. 

Book Masoud to Speak

Dr. Moazami would love to share how, if we therapeutically and effectively teach and learn from each other, the world would be a better place. 

Change is inevitable, growth is optional


Effective Therapeutic Teaching Learning Institute is based on a unique philosophy regarding the care and treatment of all individuals with special needs and challenges, including those in child welfare, and foster care programs.  Our philosophy is that every human being, regardless of race, culture, nationality, gender, religion, ability, status, position, etc. should be able to work and play in the community with the same opportunities as everyone else. We believe in a hands-on, face-to-face, multi-approach to equipping caregivers, staff and family members with therapeutic and effective skills they can apply to every situation.


Dr. Masoud Moazami is the founder of Effective Therapeutic Teaching Learning Institute. He prefers to be known as a person with the first name “Human” and the last name “Being,” from the planet Earth. He believes in one race: the human race. And he believes that every person’s innate worth is to be valued.


“ETTI is a forward thinking institution that has presented a profound approach toward the development of human potential in thinking, feeling and action.”

–Michael R.

“ETL provides many great opportunities. The most rewarding is the opportunity to impact the lives of others and witness their lives becoming better. The nature of ETL services allows for this “witnessing” which is a rare dynamic. In other social service fields, the duration of services is usually short-term so the “witnessing” dynamic is rarely possible.”

–Brad M.

“ETL has helped me to be a better person and a better parent. I use the techniques that I learned while working here with my own children. It is so rewarding to hear my daughter talk about making good choices, taking deep breaths, touching easy, making a deal, etc. My kids are amazing and incredibly well behaved, especially taking into account their ages (3, 2, and 1).”

–Kathleen N., ETL Teacher


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