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At ETTI we are a driven group of individuals passionate about the human race. We believe that every human being has inherent value they are born with and must be recognized. Every individual is to be treated respectfully under every circumstance. Our Teachers engage with and serve the community by providing direct, hands-on service to individuals and families caring for loved ones with unique challenges, and in foster care, or child welfare case environments.


What are the qualifications for Certified ETTI Life Educators?

To be considered for the ETTI Life Educator certification program, an individual must have a PHD, master’s degree or master’s in progress, and be willing to complete the required coursework, internship and recertification process after two years.


What are the requirements for ETTI Life Educator Certification?

  • Successful completion of six to nine months of classroom, one-on-one training, and hands-on direct services training
  • Completion of ETTI Courses 1-4
  • Internship
  • Approval by the ETTI Certification Committee
  • Attend Educational Review Day quarterly for continuing education
  • Attend a one-day recertification course every two to four years

What is the role of a Certified ETTI Life Educator?

Certified ETTI Life Educator teach individuals, his or her caregivers, family members and community about the importance of our therapeutic and effective teaching and learning process and how it can increase the quality of life for everyone.


How do Certified ETTI Life Educators provide direct services to individuals and their families?

Certified ETTI Life Educators deliver services based on the unique and specific needs of each individual and family. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we serve families where it is most suitable for them: in-home, workplace, community (natural setting), etc.


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