Our direct services are unique

This model of direct service has been recognized, appreciated and celebrated state and nationwide because it has shifted towards hands-on, face-to-face teaching and learning with individuals, family members, caregivers, etc. in their natural settings.

Our philosophical point of view

We believe teaching and learning are interrelated and inseparable. As a result, we seek first to learn from individuals with disabilities then teach them using a compassionate approach.

We use assessment to gain better a understanding of issues and concerns.

Our assessment process results in a true and in-depth understanding of the issues and concerns an individual and family or team faces. Our assessments do not lead to labels or diagnosis.

Our approach and techniques

We engage in an effective, thoughtful, multi-level approach when dealing with issues and concerns.

We emphasize “prevention first,” meaning we equip individuals and families with the therapeutic skills needed to create the most successful quality of life for everyone.

The way we deliver our services

We provide direct services to individuals and families in their own environments
We are available 24/7

We focus on minimizing paperwork and meetings and maximizing time spent with individuals and families

We bill only for the services we provide

We use immediate electronic reporting to case managers


2816 E 51st St. Suite 102
Tulsa, OK 74105

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