ETTI is a forward thinking institution that has presented a profound approach toward the development of human potential in thinking, feeling and action. They have provided me with a set of philosophies that have expanded my understanding of myself and the human condition, and continue to help me grow everyday in my ability to accept myself and others where we are today, while attempting to improve ourselves for the future.

Michael R.

ETTI has helped me to be a better person and a better parent. I use the techniques that I learned while working here with my own children. It is so rewarding to hear my daughter talk about making good choices, taking deep breaths, touching easy, making a deal, etc. My kids are amazing and incredibly well behaved, especially taking into account their ages (3, 2, and 1).

Kathleen N.

Certified ETTI Life Educator

ETTI provides many great opportunities. The most rewarding is the opportunity to impact the lives of others and witness their lives becoming better. The nature of ETL services allows for this “witnessing” which is a rare dynamic. In other social service fields, the duration of services is usually short-term so the “witnessing” dynamic is rarely possible.

Brad M.

ETTI is known for its highly trained and disciplined staff. Their program format and approach is unique and easily adaptable to different training needs. The ETTI approach has been recognized nationwide by various professional organizations and was recommended to representatives of The ARC of Indiana as the best in the nation by the United States Department of Justice.

James N.

Former Director, Developmental Disabilities Services Division


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